Recommended Reading – 14 Success Strategies For Highly Sensitive People

If you read through last week’s blog and took some time to review the 23 signs that you are a highly sensitive person by Edward Mills, and, like me, you answered each question with something like “Yup! That’s me!”, “Yup. That one too.”, than you can officially join the league of souls that chose to enhance their experience here on Earth this time around through increased sensitivity.

As Edward shared in the “23 signs” blog, there are pros and cons to being a highly sensitive person (HSP), but with understanding, practice and support, you can build your highly-tuned sensitivity into your greatest asset.  In last week’s blog I mentioned a few other past blogs I wrote that may be helpful for those who are newly awakening to their sensitive nature, and would like some support in how to navigate this way of being more effectively.  More recently, I read another one of Edward’s blogs that I think could be immensely helpful  as well, so wanted to share it here.

14 Success Strategies for Highly Sensitive People

These are 14 clear, succinct and easily applicable strategies for effectively living as an HSP (or Emotional Empath).  I highly recommend taking some time to read through these strategies and printing them out for future reference.  Enjoy this additional tool and keep an eye out for future blogs on this topic.  I am sure many more will follow in the future.