Return to Sender… With Consciousness

I listened to a powerful teleseminar this week, part of a free teleseries,  Quantum Healing, Consciousness and Soul ,run by Shifra Hendrie where she interviewed Dr. Dain Heer on his work called Access Consciousness.

There were many spiritual jewels in the teleseminar, but the one that hit me the most powerfully was a tool for emotional empaths like myself.  When you are an emotional empath, especially in a helping field, it is very common to match the energetic vibration of those around you and even take on some of their worries without even being conscious of it.

If you feel fine before a conversation with an upset friend or loved one, yet feel pretty drained afterward, you are likely an emotional empath. Take the time to be conscious of your thoughts.  When you do, if you are an emotional empath, you may also recognize that a large portion of your thoughts have nothing to do with you!  You may notice yourself worrying about your sister’s hip, your daughter’s fight with her boyfriend and your client’s stressors at work along with all your personal stressors.

Being conscious of your thoughts and separating out those that are yours from those that are others is always the 1st step.  But Dr. Dain has a great tool that I think is a wonderful addition. He encourages you to ask yourself “Is this thought mine?”.  And, if it clearly has nothing to do with you specifically, then he suggests to use this phrase

“Return to Sender… With Consciousness!”

“Return to Sender” just encourages the energy vibration you have matched to release from you and return to the one who it is meant for.  It’s another form of cutting an energetic cord.   Then comes the best part… “… With Consciousness”.  This means you are requesting that the energy return with a higher vibration of consciousness attached, which can assist the person involved in seeing the spiritual truth that is wanting to unfold through that experience.  So, the benefit is two-fold.  You are releasing the negative energy from yourself AND sending some high vibration energy to the receiver to assist them in their growth through that experience.  Just Brilliant!  Much more productive than just taking on their vibration and worrying for them.

So, the next time you are feeling pretty drained, check in with your thoughts and notice if any of them are not yours to be thinking.  And if so, return them to sender… with consciousness.