Listen to Michelle share about the possibilities that unfold when Awakening from the Soul Perspective.

The Choice To Awaken 

In the choice to awaken from the Soul Perspective, you CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to see life from the perspective of yourself as a spirit, an individualized expression of Source, on a life-long journey of learning AND how this life ties into the broader soul’s non-physical journey of learning that includes lifetimes of exploration. There is an embracing of ALL aspects of duality in the understanding of its service to both the individual spirit in this life and the learning of the soul.

Every Life Experience is An Opportunity for Growth

From this Perspective EVERY EXPERIENCE is approached as an opportunity for the spirit, soul and greater collective to learn. EVERY PERSON is seen as a spirit, a being of Source light in physical form, on their own individual journey in awakening (exactly where they need to be on that journey), and EVERY RELATIONSHIP is honored as two spirits, here in service to each others growth in some form, regardless of the amount of friction creating the base of that learning.

Life as an Adventure

On this path life begins to unfold as the ADVENTURE in learning, creation and service that it was meant to be. You begin to TRULY SEE AND KNOW the physical world as the playground, training ground and learning ground for the soul that it is.

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Shifting How We Relate to EVERY Aspect of our Life 

Over the past 20 years on the awakening path, it has been my experience that EVERYTHING in our life has the opportunity to be HARNESSED and UTILIZED to its fullest to assist us in our commitment to MOVE BEYOND our ingrained unconscious patterns, getting the deepest learning available within our most challenging experiences,  and living a truly INSPIRED, AWAKENED life. On this path we are asked to SHIFT how we relate to every aspect of our lives – our beliefs, our emotions, our bodies, our relationships and our world as a whole. It is a truly holistic experience.

The Core Techniques

During that time, through my own awakening journey and while guiding others through theirs, I have honed in on key universal concepts, spiritual practices, energetic modalities and practical daily processes that I have found to be the most effective at breaking through our core unconscious patterns and embodying the greater Truth learned through them.

The core techniques I use with virtually all my clients include:

Akashic Records Readings – “Gaining Higher Wisdom”

The 5 step Integrative Soul Work Inquiry  Process – “Releasing the Old”

The 4 step Conscious Creation Process – “Calling in the New”

Source Energetics – “Utilizing the Power of Source Energy Itself to Enhance & Gentle Your Awakening Experience”

An Individualized Approach

That said, it is important to acknowledge that we are also very unique, multi-faceted beings with different physical and emotional makeups and different intentions for this physical life. So, all the TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES I have acquired on my path, and then honed along the way to support others on their paths, those listed above and more, are designed in a way to create a very holistic, individually based approach. All aspects of your unique soul make-up, physical structure and life design are considered and addressed in our sessions to SHIFT YOU MIND, BODY & SOUL.

“Your awakening is unique to you, as unique as your thumbprint” ~ Michelle Lyllyth


There’s nothing like one-on-one support

Over the years, with the awakening process, and all the challenges and symptoms that manifest along the way, being so varied from individual to individual, I have come up with a variety of pathways for support. Explore some of the short and long term specialized session options below to see which one may best serve you on your path at this time.

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Explore on your own

The Self-Learning Library includes a plethora of free articles, tools and techniques to support you in understanding the foundational concepts of awakening from the soul perspective and to start applying these concepts to your life.

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